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August 18, 2021
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Brass Scrap Buyers In India

Brass has been a rare metal in ancient times, considering it had become common only when the technological boom came. However, with so many gadgets and electrical items around, the brass application is widespread now. At Scrap Vala, we aim to provide you with the right value of the brass scrap lying around you. If you have been eyeing brass scrap buyers nearby, your search ends at Scrap Vala. Partnering with the most reliable dealers of the brass industry, we ensure that you are never underpaid for any brass scrap. That’s why we deal in a wide variety of brass scrap recycling.

Being resistant to corrosion and having low friction, brass has been used for ages in locks, gears, hinges, bearings, zippers, valves, and electrical plugs and sockets. Having so many uses, we at Scrap Vala go all the way in recycling it. Contact us and we’ll come to pick up the waste.

Brass is a popularly used industrial metal with several properties like low friction and corrosion resistance. If you are looking to get help with Buy and sell brass scrap locally, enquire with us now. The metal alloy is commonly present in gears, hinges, locks, valves, electrical plugs, sockets, and zippers. If you have any such industrial waste, we are ready to give you the best value for your brass scrap.

Types of Brass We Deal

Scrap Vala has been serving the industry for years now, offering to recycle the copper & zinc alloy used widely across industries. Most of the time, a change in the brass quality is due to another element such as tin, lead, or other metals. We deal in all varieties of brass scrap, including.

    • Yellow Brass

This is the most common brass type used in several musical instruments, plumbing equipment, ornaments, hardware, and more. We deal in all kinds of commercial yellow brass scrap to deliver you the ideal cost of your scrap.

    • Hard Brass

Here is the hardest brass of all used for liner and bushings. We have been around for years helping anyone looking to sell their hard brass instruments. Get in touch with Scrap Vala to inquire more about the price.

    • Taps and Faucets

Brass brings low-pressure, non-corrosive properties in taps and faucets, making it one of the most common metals in taps and faucets. Whether inside a plastic or zinc enclosure, we have our ways to extract everything and provide you with accurate selling stats.

    • Brass Turnings

Various brass alloys leave turnings that are hard to manage without experts. Now you can stop searching “how to sell scrap brass near me.” Srap Vala deals in industrial brass scrap, and we will love to get you on board.

    • Red Brass

The brass type with higher copper content can get you more value for your scrap. Deal in red brass in machinery bearings, valves, and other parts at the best possible rates.

Turn Your Brass Scrap into Cold, Hard Cash

At Scrap Vala, we understand that business owners often don’t sell their scrap because they don’t want to bear the transportation costs involved in taking your brass scrap to a good vendor. We do that for you by providing a line of reputed vendors along with metal pickup services. Brass scrap recycling consumes very little energy compared to steel or aluminum while also leaving very small carbon footprints.

By recycling your brass scrap, you also contribute to the environment and the economy. Brass can be recycled multiple times, so don’t hesitate for some old machinery that you may think is too old. Brass never loses its physical or chemical properties allowing you to get the same value for your scrap most of the time. Scrap Vala is among the best brass scrap buyers in India for industrial brass.

We at Scrap Vala carry effective brass scrap recycling to use these unique features of the zinc and copper alloy. Get in touch with our responsive team for any inquiry or an estimate over your brass scrap.

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