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Brass Scrap

Being resistant to corrosion and having low friction, brass has been used for ages in locks, gears, hinges, bearings, zippers, valves, and electrical plugs and sockets. Having so many uses, we at Scrap Wala go all the way in reusing it. Contact us and we’ll come to pick up the waste.

Brass is a popularly used industrial metal with several properties like low friction and corrosion resistance. If you are looking to get help with Brass Scrap, enquire with us now. The metal alloy is commonly present in gears, hinges, locks, valves, electrical plugs, sockets, and zippers. If you have any such industrial waste, we are ready to give you the best value for your brass scrap.

We at ScrapWala carry effective recycling of brass scrap to use these unique features of the zinc and copper alloy. Get in touch with our responsive team for any inquiry or an estimate over your brass scrap.