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August 18, 2021
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The Best Online Marketplace to Sell Your Old Machinery

Has your factory's old, rusting machinery become a colossal liability for you? If you do not dispose of it as soon as possible, the chances are that it will crumble to ruins due to degradation. Not only will this create a lot of rusty mess for your personnel to clean, but it could also put the lives of your employees in danger (its pieces may fall over them!)

Why wait for the worst to happen? Take action now while doing your bit in reducing environmental degradation. At the same time, massively improve your employee productivity by getting rid of outdated industrial equipment. And as you sell this scrap, you also get a good value (cash) in return; this is what happens at Scrapvala.

Why Choose Us?

We Create Environmental Impact

We efficiently recycle the product you discard and thus, preserve natural resources and prevent pollution. Further, we use only the latest technologies that offer the highest efficiency to make the scrap reusable. We are reputable scrap buyers in India that help you in every step along the scrap selling journey.

Our team ensures that the procedure is totally hassle-free for you. So, you no longer need to throw degraded and discarded waste at a dumping site and add to the toxic waste. And with us, while you get rid of it, you also earn a few bucks in a jiffy.

Complete Customer Convenience

You no longer need to waste time searching for the best place to sell scrap–Scrapvala is the one-stop solution. Once you partner with us, you also do not need to carry the equipment from your factory premises to our site for dumping it. We take charge here.

Once you choose us, our personnel will reach at your doorstep to pick up the discarded machinery at your convenience. You have to give us a call and tell us the time for pick-up and your address. So, you help save the environment and get money for it in return.

We Are Legally Compliant

Each and every member at Scrapvala is committed to carrying out recycling operations in an environmentally friendly manner while strictly adhering to all applicable laws and regulations. Besides, we follow a smooth and efficient process to recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Due to this, we leave no carbon footprint whatsoever in carrying out our operations.

Also, rest assured, our knowledgeable and experienced staff accurately gauge the market value of the scrap you are selling. They only give you a fair price for your scrap metal. We pride ourselves on coming up with a cleaner, faster & friendlier way to recycle scrap.

what are you waiting for? Get rid of the old machines to improve your company operations. This will also improve your employee productivity, which in turn will help you scale your revenue rate. Contact our expert team and get the best price in the market for your old machinery. Book a pick-up at your convenience now! We are happy to help.

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