August 5, 2021
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Best Battery Scrap Dealer In India

Don't just dump your car and other batteries trash into dustbins. Instead, sell it to us at Scrap Vala for instant profits. We deal with all sorts of battery scrap buyers in India from industries, households, factories, and companies.

Lead battery scrap is the most prominent component of battery trash that has to be recycled. Such batteries have a shelf life of three years to five years. Once they are fully consumed then they can't longer provide their efficiency. These turn into cell scrap!

Now, this battery scrap acts as a raw material to be recycled for making new cell items for automobiles, industries, etc. It is now easier than ever to transform these old cells into new ones with the help of advanced environmentally friendly techniques.

Selling your scrap to us enables you to get the best price since we do not operate at the same price for everything and it always depends on the scrap quality.

What Kind of Battery Scrap Do We Prefer?

There is an abundant lot of batteries that can be found in the form of lead battery plates on rails, rinks, households, etc. But, not every battery that we use can be sold for recycling and disposal. Now, the first question that pings to our mind is, what is the kind of cell scrap that we prefer?

We prefer lead-acid, forklift, SMF, and other types of batteries apt for recycling and disposal. Here are some of the places where you can easily find the old, trash lead battery scrap that we are interested in buying

  • From Automobiles and Vehicles - cars, trucks, vans, other (non-hybrid) vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, and their spare parts
  • Electronic items like UPS backups of your computer
  • Batteries from households that include Invertors, electronic gadgets, etc.
  • Transformer batteries
  • Batteries such as Lead, nickel-cadmium, nickel hydride and mercury.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best scrap battery buyers that buy, collect and sell for their easy recycling and disposal. In return, we offer you the best prices for it than anyone else in the market.

At Scrap Vala, the team of skilled individuals aims in providing the best services to our customers. We not only deal through business but always prioritize battery scrap seller-buyer relationships and conclude the prices that are a win-win solution at both ends.

It is our promise to you that, from us, you will have a hassle-free experience. From pick-up to drop service of your items, there will be a minimum possible disturbance to you in the entire process.

Apart from it, we cause no delay in payment transactions. We offer same-day services and instant cash payments as soon as we receive the recyclable item.

So, don’t delay in earning hefty amounts from your unusable and trash battery scrap. Contact us for the best service and amazing prices for your battery scrap!