Scrap Copper Prices

Steel scrap

Do you want to turn your used steel scrap into cash? Scrap steel is the biggest raw material source in the steel industry. We melt down the scrap steel to create different vehicles, appliances, parts, and other steel products. Steel recycling has saved several resources and has powered several homes at once.

Steel has been the primary industrial metal alloy for years. Any type of steel, ferrous metals such as cast iron or shredded steel scrap, we take it all. We bring you the ease of selling all types of metal scrap at highly competitive prices.

Do you have commercial junk vehicles, car shells, trailers, we buy it all in bulk. ScrapWala has been helping remove waste material from demolition sites for years now. We not only provide bins but execute a steel scrap pick up at your convenience. Let us make it easy for you. Get in touch to inquire about anything related to steel scrap dealing.