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July 3, 2017
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Best Steel Scrap Buyers and Sellers in India

If you are looking to buy or sell steel scrap to retain a good profit out of it, then ScrapVala is everything you are looking for. We have a comprehensive range of services that deal in steel scrapping. Coming from trash vehicles or through industrial waste, we accept all kinds of steel. Steel recycling has saved several resources and has powered several homes at once.

On average, the steel after recycling is 85% effective. This means that steel scrap after recycling has an almost full life to be used as fresh steel. It is also easier to recycle steel than other useful metals such as iron. The recycling of scrap steel consumes less than 75% energy if compared to iron ores.

Steel has been the primary industrial metal alloy for years. Any type of steel, ferrous metals such as cast iron or shredded steel scrap, we take it all. We bring you the ease of selling all types of metal scrap at highly competitive prices.

Furthermore, this steel scrap after being recycled is used to craft different steel items. Hence, the scrap steel that you sell to us acts as a raw material to create new steel appliances, vehicle parts, and other useful steel products.

ScrapVala Is India’s Leading Steel Scrap Dealers

Since steel is made by melting carbon and iron, traditional steel manufacturing costs a lot. On the other hand, steel recycling allows industries to reuse the steel while also earning on waste material. It not only helps their industries but also contributes a great help to the environment.

This is the foremost motive of ScrapVala. To reap the maximum benefits out of recycling and is also eco-friendly. Therefore, ScrapVala is India’s leading largest steel scrap dealers with the purpose of making this environment a better place to live in.

We promise to endeavor that we initiate the best prices for your steel with instant payment methods. As a seller, you must be completely satisfied and convinced with the price offered in return for your scrap steel. That’s why we stress maintaining the most reliable buyer-seller relationships that benefit us, you, and the environment at the same time.

Types Of Steel Scrap We Prefer

If there is any waste metal or alloy that we want more of, it is Steel Scrap. After all, it is useful steel in a way. But, not all steel is recyclable. The tiny bits and pieces of household steel aren’t something that the casting industries require.

Do you have commercial junk vehicles, car shells, trailers, we buy it all in bulk. ScrapVala has been helping remove waste material from demolition sites for years now. We not only provide bins but execute a steel scrap pick-up at your convenience. Let us make it easy for you. Get in touch to inquire about anything related to steel scrap dealing.

Nevertheless, with so many sources of scrap steel to be sold in the market. It’s better to sell or buy scrap steel at the right price.