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July 3, 2017
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Leading Copper Scrap Buyers and Sellers in India

Do you know that copper is called the king of scrap metal? Do you know that it can give you a good return on selling? Since the non-ferrous metal retains almost 90% of its value even after years, selling copper scrap can be quite beneficial for you. We at Scrap Vala deal in all kinds of industrial copper scrap and offer you the right value. If you are looking for copper scrap buyers in India, you are at the right place.

With an ability to recognize and deal with all varieties of copper scrap, we have helped several big and small companies to earn hefty amounts through it. Scrap Vala is associated with some of the most reputed companies to maximize their return on scrap recycling.

Copper recycling is quite common since copper scrap maintains 95% of its value, which makes it a good incorrect disposal candidate. This is why copper scrap brings you the best value in the scrap metal business. Leave your recycling requests with us and we assure to provide you with solutions for the smallest of projects.

Unlike other metals, copper scrap has a better value as compare to the new one. According to experts, it maintains 95% of its value making it a strong recycling candidate. If you have bulk copper scrap that you want to rid of, here’s your chance to get the best price.

Copper is categorized into three scrap categories including No. 1 with a minimum of 99% copper present, No. 2 has unalloyed scrap and copper quantity of at least 94% and the light copper scrap that has between 88% to 92% copper in it. We redefine all these types to regain the quality to give you the right value for your copper.

Why Sell Your Copper Scrap to Scrap Vala

Turn Your Copper into Cash

Whether you have huge faulty machines, waste plumbing devices, or any other copper scrap, contacting Scrap Vala is the best way to turn your copper into cash. We accept all kinds of copper scrap including copper pipes, wire, sheets, plated, tubes, etc.

Most commercial copper comes in a pure form and has critical applications such as making superfine enamelled wires used in electronics, machines, and more. At Scrap Vala, we take pride in recycling copper scrap and promoting sustainable development for big industries. Dumping copper in landfills and wasting it has been going on for years but Scrap Vala has enabled several companies to easily sell their copper scrap for the right amount.

We Collect All Types of Copper

Did you know that processing new copper takes 85 to 90% more energy than processing recycled copper? As we get technologically advanced, the industrial copper application has substantially increased. Saving energy and promoting an eco-friendly approach, we allow these industries to sell copper scrap at a good price and recycle it for reuse. We specialise in recycling copper from copper coils, batteries, radiators, alloys, and more. We also accept:

  • Copper scrap from old/faulty machinery and instruments
  • Mechanically processed copper scrap
  • Copper scrap left after copper smelting

With so many options to sell any kind of copper, we are the best copper scrap buyers in India offering the right value.

Why Choose Us

Our team consists of industry veterans, who have been recycling copper to mitigate the refined copper shortage for years now. Here’s why you should hire Scrap Vala for anything from scrap copper selling price to finalizing the deal.

  • Fast Same-Day Services Available
  • Customer Satisfaction is the Priority
  • Instant Payment on the Spot
  • Sell Copper at Best Scrap Price
  • Free and Quick Turnaround and Pickup
  • The Best Market Prices for Copper

Scrap Vala has been well-established and known for recycling copper and other non-ferrous scrap metals with the best prices to offer. We make scrap collection easy with heavy-duty trucks carrying advanced digital scales for an accurate evaluation of your scrap metal. We aim to cause minimal disruption to your business operations by offering hassle-free scrap pickup and seamless recycling.

Do you want to know the best copper scrap selling prices? Get in touch with us now.