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Copper Scrap

Copper recycling is quite common since copper scrap maintains 95% of its value, which makes it a good incorrect disposal candidate. This is why copper scrap brings you the best value in the scrap metal business. Leave your recycling requests with us and we assure to provide you with solutions for smallest of projects.

Unlike other metals, copper scrap has a better value as compare to the new one. According to experts, it maintains 95% of its value making it a strong recycling candidate. If you have bulk copper scrap that you want to rid of, here’s your chance to get the best price.

Copper is categorized into three scrap categories including No. 1 with a minimum of 99% copper present, No. 2 has unalloyed scrap and copper quantity of at least 94% and the light copper scrap that has between 88% to 92% copper in it. We redefine all these types to regain the quality to give you the right value for your copper.